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Business is Hard Part II

People are not always who you expect them to be.

I behave mostly the same whether I am at work (IRC), in person, or in IM/regular chat I try to behave the same way in business dealings. I am not going to intentionally fuck someone over for me to make an extra couple dollars. I also will not intentionally leave a project that we have a contract for unfinished. I will work to deliver everything that I agreed to deliver and if I cannot I will refund accordingly.

I have found out, over the last week, that not everyone is like that. I recently had the misfortune of renting from a person I had known for about 10 years. I knew he was a smart business man otherwise he would not have made the 100s of millions of dollars he has in the bank or the summer homes in New Zealand but I never thought he would fuck me over.

In renting from him I chose the best possible location then went through the list of available buildings his being the only one in my price range in roughly the right vicinity so I took it. It was old and cold. The floor was an awful ugly brown, there was a huge back room with cracks in the doors and windows that air would directly blow through.

When I first moved into the building there was talk of the ceiling leaking and that it would be fixed by the first weekend I was there. The work crew came out and “fixed” the roof and I thought everything was cool. Two weeks later it rained and the ceiling was leaking again, turns out, the work crew didn’t actually repair the leak they only replaced the ceiling tiles to make it look like they had done the work. We immediately called the landlord who came down and looked around. We told him about the numerous violations for electricity and wiring in the building and he said, “You make better detectives than tenants” and then he told us “If you don’t like it, get the hell out.”

Get the hell out.

I had not anticipated that as a response I would get, knowing this guy for the last 10 years I would have thought it would be something like “We’ll fix it, give us a couple days” or even “It’s going to take a week to get it fixed” but never “Get the hell out”. So now I am left scrambling. I have about 20 computers in a building with monitors and all sorts of electrical equipment with a ceiling that is raining. I have clients who have been to the building that know that is where we are located.

I make arrangements for the computers to be stored out of the weather. Now what? Broken and beaten we begin to look for another storefront, some guy offered to let us use part of his building. Do I want to be bounded by his hours? No. Do I want to be stuck in some shitty corner of town? No. Do I want to have my business directly affected by another person? Not only no, but hell no. I have too much experience with business to know that this is a bad idea.

Now I go looking through every other building in town. I found one! The perfect fucking building, downtown, right in the main traffic area, big enough to hold all of the equipment and still have space leftover, but not big enough to kill me with the heating bill. (The old place cost $175 for power for one month.) The only problem was the landlord. He had, to that point turned down 7 potential renters. There was an arcade, a lawyer, and a few other tenants that definitely made more money than we did and had bigger community ties than we did.

Some people really are good people.

I called and talked to the new landlord expecting that we would get rejected out right without even being looked at completely. The landlord told me to write up the information he would need to make a decision and process our application. Since I figured we had no chance at getting the place I was brutally honest about us and our financial situation, as well as, 2/3 of us having extremely bad credit. I was also extremely forthright about our services and lack of ability to get into the building for another month because of the financial situation caused by the first rental.

Over the next couple of phone calls with a good word put in by our prospective neighbors (whom we all knew and liked) it was settled that we had the place the very next day. I called the landlord back to let him know we couldn’t accept because of the financial situation. The landlord agreed to drop the rent with security deposit from $1200 to just the $700 for rent. After pouring through my finances it wasn’t possible for me to pay that much after all of the damages done from the first place.

On the call following this the landlord

insisted that the first payment be $500 rather than the $700 and that we have 17 days of free rent

. Yes, you read that right, he insisted that we have 17 days of free rent and that we only pay the security deposit. In which world does this happen? Until now I had no idea that there were people that were this “good”. Of course, we accepted and signed the lease as soon as his wife could get there to give us the papers.

If you try, sometimes things will work out.

Three days before this we were broken and bruised not knowing if we could succeed without a building. Now we were set up with a better location in a better building with less wasted space.

Lesson learned here:

Be the Juggernaut; break through every fucking wall anyone can throw at you.

Switching up my life and educational goals.

The back story:

When I first started University (Fall 2006) I had declared Business Management as the thing I wanted to spend my life doing. Business people made lots of money, business people drank expensive liquor, and drove nice cars what teenager (I was 18) doesn’t want that? Before I actually started school I had gotten a job at a call center (Convergys Corporation) and was working at, for Southern Utah, a good wage $8.50/hr that had awesome benefits like tuition reimbursement. After about 2 months I got promoted to a Training position where, since I was staff, I was only able to get reimbursement if I was “majoring” in a business field. I quickly saw, after being a middle manager, that business management was something I completely did not want to do.

At that point I changed my “major” to Economics because it was interesting, it was a business class so I could still get my tuition reimbursement, and people with BS or BA in Econ get into Graduate/Law schools really easily. Economics was fun and I would still like to get a Graduate degree in Economics but at this point in my school career it is completely pointless to stick with it as a major. I started University wanting to learn stuff with a degree as a “happy accident” so I didn’t immediately start taking the Math classes that I would need for graduating to make room for classes I wanted to take. This and the 2 semesters I took off for work at Convergys have come back to haunt me. Instead of graduating at the end of April I am a Junior with at least 3 more semesters to go with the number of math classes needed for a degree in Economics I would end up being at University for 3 more years just finishing the math classes because they have to be taken in order.

The now:

That has led me to this latest change: I am changing my “major” to German and keeping the “minor” in Philosophy. I will get done 1.5 years sooner than I normally would and that should be enough liberal art education to get into Grad school for almost anything. The department I am going to is made up of the language teachers and the Philosophy professor. Since I have worked very closely with the German professor before this is like going back to an old friend’s house after a long, awful trip. My excitement for school has been replenished and I am feeling up to a full work load for the Fall semester. Knowing there is an end and liking the way the end looks is a very comforting thing.


Taxes, business, and FreeAgent.

I, finally, made my yearly pilgrimage to the accountant to have my taxes done. The previous 3 years taxes were *extremely* easy to do since I only worked one 1 job and had 1 W2 form that needed to be done.  This year was much different, I owned a business, worked for a company based in a foreign country, and spent 8 months working for a company that issued a W2. After  2 hours of sweating the inevitable words “You owe” I came out with a $1500 refund instead. (Thanks to Obama and my $7,000 worth of school expenses).

During the 2 hours I spent in the accountants office when she was asking me for reciepts for expenses I knew I had but  didn’t have the receipt for, things that could have helped out more with the refund. My accountant noticed my level of disorganization as well, she ended up getting an accounting ledger that she had in her own supplies and giving it to me so that next year when tax time comes things will be easier on her. I’m not a ledger kind of person so I began looking for some online accounting app that would take the actual work out of it.

I looked at the normal suspects LessAccounting, FreshBooks, and Mint. They all have similar features but one thing I absolutely hate is their tiered pricing, I am limited to the number of feature x as long as I am on plan x. I don’t want to be limited to x because I don’t want to spend $300 a month to buy plan y. I want all the features available or I don’t want the service. As Matt Gemmell said here: “If you’re an employed adult who objects to paying $10 for a piece of software, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.” I agree. I don’t mind paying for software, however, I won’t pay $300 a month for my business doing well, that doesn’t fucking compute. So I finally on Twitter found FreeAgent. FreeAgent is a set $20 per month, no worries about the number of invoices I was able to send, no worries about the better I do the more I pay.

FreeAgent is really great accounting software, I have taken college level managerial accounting classes with Quickbooks and this is much nicer. Quickbooks is slow even on a fairly high end machine it is extremely slow…and UGLY. The UI seems to have been done not by UI designers but by accountants who want as many buttons on the screen as possible. FreeAgent is not like that, it is very cleanly designed. As for speed FreeAgent is very fast, provided you have SSL caching turned on in your browser. My only complaint with the speed of FreeAgent is Chrome doesn’t support (as far as I can tell) caching for SSL pages. Switching to FireFox where I already have that turned on made things as fast as they should be.

Using FreeAgent is as easy as can be. I imported my bank account transactions and within an hour I had gone from a handful of receipts for who-knows-what sitting in random piles on my desk and through my files to a full balance sheet and profit and loss statement for Quarter 1. It is indeed worth $20 per month and with their awesome discount scheme http://www.freeagentcentral.com/support/kb/misc/the-freeagent-referral-scheme it can be cheaper, if you have enough friends they’ll even pay you to use it. If you need to keep track of your finances and don’t want to be punished when business picks up, I definitely recommend using FreeAgent!

Building a community, 1 year invested.

Building a community is hard work. There are a lot of steps that have to be taken to attract visitors, draw them in, and retain them. Fortunately, this project came with a community that was already there, just dispersed across 3 or 4 different sites on forums; 1 point for us. The downside is that the hunting/fishing crowd are not really very technical, are used to sites that are visual trash like this one, and are habitual people so they don’t leave the community they are already in if there is not some incentive to move.

One year ago today my company launched our first site, trackmytrophies.com. Of course, the company didn’t actually exist yet and wouldn’t for over a month, we were brand new to the technology stack we were building the site with, neither of us were extremely familiar with design or design tools, and we both had full time jobs working for someone other than ourselves. The site was built on Pinax 0.5.1. There was an early beta of Pinax 0.7 at that point but, for people new to the Django/Pinax world it was completely impossible to deploy, I spent ~17 hours, over 2 days, trying without success to deploy the site. At that point I decided to revert to the stable Pinax 0.5.1  which still took me 8 hours to deploy, but deploy I did.

Over this last year a lot of things have changed: we have become a lot more familiar with the platform we are using, our design skills and tools have increased, and we are working for ourselves…technically (we actually work for WebFaction). We have experimented with different layouts and designs, worked with serving our own ads (OpenX community is shit, don’t use it…), we’ve broken shit, read upgraded Django to an incompatible version, and we’ve even helped patch a minor bug upstream.

Enough of the boring stuff, here are some community stats:

  • 297 registered users
  • 612 uploaded photos
  • 10,000 total visits

…and we are not done yet. We have  a lot of ideas that we are still working on; there is a completely new design coming along with *many*, other backend upgrades that will be transparent for end users.

Here’s to the next year ending stronger than the first!

Business is hard. Part 1.

I am behind on my #P52 by a couple weeks so I am going to be catching up over the next few days.

Self help books and thousands of books on the Internet would have you believe that starting and running a business is easy, that it doesn’t take much, and that you will be better off for it. Web based businesses are touted as the ultimate business venture, you can make large sums of money building Web sites and web services for people, because you’ve a book on PHP and MySQL…what else is there to the web?

That is bullshit.

Starting a business is easy, building value is hard, in the State of Utah you simply go to http://business.utah.gov choose your business name, type, and enter the required information. Once you have completed those steps you pay your fees and get your FEIN from a link on their page and you’re set. You have a running business. Now what the hell are you going to do?

Now you, if you believe the hype, start working on your gold mine, Web sites, right…

Chances are you are still working a day job so that you can pay your bills which limits your time working on your own projects so you need to work extra hard if you want your own business to succeed. If you get a couple entry projects chances are you will realize you didn’t know exactly how some integral piece of the project works. If you are extremely unlucky you are also a student, have a family, or both.

Now the problem of time management rears its ugly head: how are you going to spend every moment of your day? There are not enough hours in the day to do what you need to do. Here’s how you might spend a day:

  • 8 – 10 hours at the job that pays the bills
  • 4 hours for school
  • 1 – 2 hours for homework

That is a total of 13 to 16 hours, now add sleep 11 – 8 hours, you haven’t eaten no time has been factored in for commutes or waiting…and you haven’t spent any time with any one other than the people you were in direct contact with at one of the above places. Of course, you will have days off or days without school so there are brief times when you can catch up on things that you are not getting enough of, like sleep or homework time.

How long can you viably sustain this pace? How many days of straight work before you are just too tired to do anything? What about support? If you *have* customers there is going to be a time when they need help or have questions and, if, you get a client from hell you will spend *a lot* of time dealing with his/her issues.

The time table above also doesn’t add any time for your new business or recreation. What do you cut out to make room for everything? What part of your life suffers? Who do you cut-out?

I still don’t know.

Quick post this week.

Edit: It seems that the publish call didn’t go through all the way so I am publishing it again.

As a contractor I spend a lot of time working on projects other than my own. To keep track of the things I need to do for each project as well as University classes I have been using Things recently. Both Things Mac and Things iPhone have greatly helped in keeping me organized between my work, client work, and University classes. Not to mention home. The price is a little steep for both of them. I don’t really know if it was worth the entire $60 since there is no push feature. I am confident from CulturedCode’s awesome status page that the features will actually come out so I considered it a future purchase.
For time tracking I am currently using Billings and Billings Touch, together both are fairly expensive as well $55, if you want to be able to sync between them. I tried a couple different web based apps as well as a couple other Mac
specific apps for time tracking but the rest were not as comfortable or powerful enough for me to use. Billings takes a second to configure and isn’t very intuitive slips can be marked as done but when a project over laps a month it doesn’t really seem to be useful.

All in all Things and Billings are just the apps I have been looking for to help manage my time and task list.

Thoughts about Java and Python.

In my Computer Science course I was asked to write a program, in Java, that would compute the powers of 2 from 2^1 to 2^20 using only a while statement. At first I tried, with just the basics that we had learned so far, to create the program. Things did not go well because I couldn’t get the powers to work correctly using pre or post decrements. After I looked through the extensive Java Math library here is the solution I came up with:

Coming from a completely Python world, I wondered how I would have implemented the same program in Python. This solution is probably not the most elegant solution but Java was very heavy on the brain while I wrote it.

A couple of things I really missed from Java when coming back to writing Python were:

  1. Post and pre increment, I understand why Python doesn’t have them but damn are they useful
  2. Brackets for the while statement, I know brackets are horrible and messy but it really makes the start/stop of a code block easy to follow…fuck Ruby and its “end” command that is just ugly.

I really like the way Python’s “print” values work. It is much nicer to use %s inside the code and then add % (count, multiplier**count) at the end of the statement rather than using the “+” and variable names.

In the Python world Java gets a lot of shit from a lot of people. Granted, Java does have its share of problems and oddities but it is an extremely powerful, well backed language. Oracle’s support of Java after their acquisition of Sun Microsystems has dramatically increased since a great number of their products are built on Java. Probably the strongest piece of the Java programming language is the Java Virtual Machine. The JVM is so versatile, that, practically, every language can be run on it. There are implementations for Ruby (JRuby), Python (Jython)[1], and even, my favorite web framework, Django (Django-Jython)[2].

With Django and Python gaining traction in the Enterprise world Django-Jython and Jython are perfect building blocks for organizations that *have* to run Java for some of their applications or middleware but want the ease of use that comes with Django and Python for their internal or even external web teams. I like where things are going and I am on the bandwagon with both languages.

[1]: http://www.jython.org/

[2]: http://code.google.com/p/django-jython/

Meta and random musings.

Shorter (read: less content) blog post this week because life has been overly strenuous this week. School has become, almost overwhelmingly, full of homework and reading assignments as well as programming assignments. Besides that, work has been extremely tiring because of the workload and being short handed (for completely valid reasons –  I don’t blame any one for being where they are, under the same circumstances I would do the exact same things). Life at home has also been stressful because of all of the other factors.

Perhaps the most amusing thing I have seen today is http://www.michaelv.org/ which is a Javascript rendition of Windows 3.1 (the third operating system I ever used the first being DOS the second Apple something). This is where the meta part of this post comes in. Inside of the Javascript Windows 3.1 you are allowed to open a browser and because the browser runs Javascript you can once again open the same web page (Windows 3.1) over and over again, currently I am at 10 windows open but the screen shot only shows 2:

This can go on, I am assuming, indefinitely as long as you correctly format your window sizes. This  project gets 5/5 pyl0ns from me.

More amusing software that I found today, because of Jeff Croft (http://twitter.com/jcroft/status/81415197100) is exactly what I was looking for to make my transition from work, where I use Firefox as the default browser, to my regular browser (Chrome|Safari) much easier. I had looked for AppleScripts and tutorials to see if I could find some way of programmatically setting which browser was my default but my Google-Fu failed me. Now I can simply create 2 “programs” that can be launched from LaunchBar that will set my default browser without all of the extraneous clicking, plus it runs on Jython which is just cool since at this point in my life Java and Python are the only things I am focusing on. I highly suggest checking Project Sikuli out, there has to be something in your life that you can automate.

“The Book of Eli” – don’t waste your money. *spoilers*

I normally don’t go to the theatre to watch movies (I have a nice size TV and a good surround system) but, occasionally, it is nice to go to the theatre and watch a movie. This was not one of those times.

Watching the trailers for “The Book of Eli” had me believe 3 things:

1. Denzel is a badass

2. He has a magic book

3.  Gary Oldman wants to take it from him

The first half of the movie is spent on establishing my number 1 assumption with Denzel fighting and killing dozens of people with a sword, gun, hands, and what ever else he could use. At the end of everyday he spends time reading assumption number 2. After he reaches the town that Gary Oldman runs the movie starts to go down hill as we learn that this book is “The Bible” not just any old magic book. (queue boredom) Gary Oldman wants to use the words of “The Bible” to make un-educated people follow him, tricking them into believing it, and thus set himself up as king of the world (how early Christian of him).

*More spoilers*

From there the movie gets boring and predictable, the only reason I didn’t leave (I’ve never walked out on a movie before) is that I wanted to find out what was out “west”. Turns out that “west” was Alcatraz where Alex (from “A Clockwork Orange) is a crazed looking old man who prints books to give back to the world. The only real plot twists from the middle to the end of the movie was:

1. The book is in braille

2. Denzel was blind the whole move (but God let him see so that the book could make it “west”, yay God!)

The book doesn’t make it “west” but luckily Denzel memorized the entire book so he could repeat it word for word when he got there (I know, right?).


The movie, from the middle on, is shit. The first half is good for action. If you are going to watch it, wait until there is a decent torrent – there is no point wasting your money.