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Linux ruined my lunch.

Popped a DVD into the Lenovo (linux box) so I could watch a movie while I ate since both the Mac and additional monitor were already full of stuff. Totem launches asking if I want to play the movie, I click yes. An error pops up saying additional software is required to play this DVD because LINUX.

So I go to the help page to find out what it needs. Try installing the RPMs it says are available but they aren’t in any of the repos I already have installed because LINUX. Find that people use mplayer instead so I install the RPMForge repo and then install mplayer but it’s not added to any of the menus so I can’t just click on it to run because LINUX.

I go back to movie player and it finds the files it needed on the RPMForge repo and installs them but still can’t play the DVD because LINUX.

Log out and log back in to see if it’s been added it hasn’t because LINUX. Go to the mplayer docs and find that I have to run it from the command line like: `mplayer dvd://` because LINUX. Since I launched it from the command line it doesn’t accept any mouse input, I can’t double-click, right-click, or make it full screen because LINUX.

My food is now cold. I decide to put the DVD into the Mac and just move the stuff off the second screen. VLC just crashes, so I have to use Apple’s DVD Player app. Decide to write this shit down.

My food is completely cold and my lunch break is over because LINUX.