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A Month of Java Class

Technically it has been more than a month but for the last month, while I’ve been recovering from my surgery and getting sick every 2 weeks I’ve been stuck on a Java program that we were assigned. So it is technically really late, however, medical needs, yadda yadda means it’s not. I’ve finally got it working and I want to, now, share the solution so that if anyone else runs into trouble they can at least use my code for a reference since the rest of the code out there is utter shit.

Here’s the program I wrote, it includes the prompt for the question and a note from my Professor. The book is How to Program Java, Late Objects Version by Deitel:

So that’s my solution for printing a hollow box in Java when you want the perimeter of the box to be a specific size. Here’s some SEO nonsense so people actually find this, print a square in java, print a hollow square in java, java print a square, java print a hollow square. (I don’t normally do that nonsense but rather than someone else spending a bunch of time on this they can get here.)

Here’s a sample of the program output:

![Program output](http://cl.ly/1g082h3X2q280V2S0y3U/iTerm.png)